Napkins: Paint Splashed
Napkins: Paint Splashed

Napkins: Paint Splashed

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We use pure linen sourced from Europe for these napkins.  They are hand cut and hemmed in our studio in Cape Town.  

Linen is a natural fabric and the beauty is in its imperfections. It will become more beautiful and relaxed over time.   


* Sold in sets of four.  

*100% pure linen.

* 48 x 48 cm but slight size variations may occur.  

* Hemmed.  

* Because of the dark image, it is preferable to hand wash your napkins at first.  But if you do not mind a slightly distressed faded look, they can be machine washed  and tumble dried. The colors won't run, but it might shrink slightly after the first wash.  

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It's the little details that define luxury to us. Each piece has a special touch - no two are ever exactly the same. 

Small Production Runs

Limited edition, hand-made artisanal products offer a distinctive joy that is to be celebrated. To add one of our pieces to your collection is to share in the delight of the artist’s creation.