On this rainy Sunday afternoon.

For the past couple of months my daughter's wedding was the only thing on my mind. It was a dreamy time, where I found myself in a fantasy world of tulle and lace, dreaming, making plans, and generally just taking time away from my business.   
But on gloomy Sundays like today, I can't help but to reflect on my work, wanting again (alongside my commercial ranges) to return to the basics with what I started with; making art with fabric.  I am eager to start experimenting with new ideas, to bring some freshness to the process.  Subtle changes like adding another color to my ombre.  Focusing on form, beloved linens, and muted colors. Simple and plain. Maybe include more texture, bolder lines, adding more layers.  When I get back to these, I feel happy and satisfied.  More grounded.  It is like telling my story.

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