A Beautiful Compliment.

Last night, I got a wonderful compliment, someone telling me that my work reminds him of the work of Mark Rothko - coming as a surprise since I haven't even been looking at his work for visual inspiration, yet I adore his work.  I have only seen it at museums in Europe a couple of times.  It must be a subconscious thing.
(Beauty lingers in the back of our minds).
Last year, some of my work was also compared to that of Gerard Richter.  Thrilling to be compared to these great artists.  And a good compliment like this can go a long way.
When your work depends on your creativity, your own rules, when you work mostly alone, it's only natural to try to look for others' approval to be satisfied with what you do. Compare yourself with others. Let's face it, we all crave to be acknowledged by our peers sometimes.  But eventually you would realize that the only way of being really happy and proud of your work is being true to yourself.  And to put a beautiful compliment like the one I got last night, in your pocket to use as inspiration on a rainy day. 

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